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The school is divided into four houses - Nurturers, Inquirers, Seekers and Venturers. The houses are the focus of many of the important educational activities which take place outside the grade room. They promote a spirit of healthy competition in sporting and cultural activities. They also create a sense of belonging to members of the school from different grades. Each house has a tutor coordinator, a House Captain, a Vice-Captain and Prefects.
Inter House Activities and Competitions
  A number of inter-house activities / competitions are held throughout the year  on  Fridays  as  per  the ‘Year Planner’. There are demonstration sessions /  practice  time  and performance / competition time. Performance standards are recognisedas “highly  commendable”, “commendable” & “good performance”.
List of all Inter-House Activities are notified in the Year Planner (Approx 12-14 activities per year /per group)
Students are required to attend all activity demonstration sessions.
To maximize the involvement of all the students, participation is allowed in four Inter-House Activities only.
The Highest aggregate points in all competitions  determine  the  “Best House in Co-curricular activities”.