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To motivate and encourage the students, the school awards, Academic Prizes, Proficiency Certificates, Scholars’ Badges and Scholar's Medals.
Subject Proficiency Certificates
  Subject Proficiency Certificates are awarded to students getting an A1 grade for each subject in both the terms.
Progress Certificates
  Progress Certificates are awarded to all children who show a marked improvement in three or more subjects and move upwards from C grade to B grade and above, in all subjects.
Scholars Badge - Class V onwards
  The norms for awarding the Scholar's Badge will be as follows:

The  child  must  have  the  minimum requirement specified below in Scholastic and a B grade in Co- Scholastic activities in both the terms.

This will qualify him/her to take an online test  (An  aggregate    of  60%  will  be reserved  for  the  overall  performance during  the  year  while  40%  will  be reserved for the Online test)

Students of class V and VI should obtain a minimum  aggregate  of  80%,  while students of VII , VIII, IX will not be subjected to online test but should fulfill the minimum specified criteria   for obtaining a scholar’s badge.
Class Minimum requirement to qualify for online test
V & VI A2 in languages and A1 in all other subjects in both the terms & B in co-scholastic areas.
VII-X A2 in languages and A1 in all other subjects in both terms & B in co-scholastic areas.
Scholar's Medal
  Scholar’s medal is awarded to the students who have received the Scholar's badge for three consecutive years from class V-VIII.
  1.  For General Proficiency Certificate and Scholar's Badge, the child must secure minimum: B grade in all co-scholastic subjects. These include: Art and Craft, Music, Chosen Activity, Physical Education, General Knowledge etc.

2. Since CCE will be implemented from Class 5, all scholastic and co- scholastic performance will be taken into consideration for the scholar’s medal.