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The School recognizes and commends exceptional effort and high achievement of its students.   Excellent work & behaviour will be recorded in the Link Book & Student Record Book by the subject   tutor. To motivate and encourage students, the school, honours them by awarding Academic Prizes,   Proficiency Certificates, Scholar's Badges and Medals:
Proficiency Certificates are awarded to students getting Grade A (Gr.1-5), Grade Point 6 (Gr.6-12, IB MYP/DP) or Grade A (Grade 9-10, IGCSE) in each subject in both the semesters.
General Proficiency Certificates (for Grades 1 - 5) & Scholar’s Badge for  Grades(6-12) are awarded for academic excellence on the basis of the following criteria :
Grade Minimum   requirement in both the semester
1-5 A in all subjects
6-12(IB) 6 point  in all subjects

 A in all subjects



Grade 1-5 students must get a minimum Grade C in all co- curricular subject areas i. e. isual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical   Education, Personal & Social Education.

The Scholar's Medal is awarded to a recipient of the Scholar's Badge (Grade 6 onwards) for three consecutive years.
The Scholar's Gold Medal  is awarded to a student  who has received the Scholar's Medal for two consecutive years and his/her conduct  and  behavior  has  been consistently good.
Special recognition/certificates are awarded to students who show outstanding   performance   in   the Inter House Activities & Sports.
A 100 % attendance certificate is given to a student  who  remains present for all the working days of the academic year. Late coming & short leave would be treated as absence  &  will  render  a  student ineligible for the certificate.
Best  Athlete  of  the  year  Boys  & Girls in all Categories.
Best  sports  person  of  the  year (Boy & Girl)
Rolling Trophies are awarded tothe best  house in co-curricular activities, sports and academics.