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Boarding Manual 2019-20

Navrachana a home away from home. Love, care and sympathy from teachers will ensure that children are never away from home.

NISV has three residential complexes- one each, for student boys and girls, and the third for Teachers and Staff. The three-storey student residences have been designed for safety, comfort and aesthetic living. Air-conditioned bedrooms accommodate three students, each having their own bed, wardrobe and a study table. Study lounge with ICT network node, on each floor of the residences, is a unique feature that enhances private study environment. Pastoral care is provided by the Housemaster, 'Floor Parents', and the School Counselors.
The Boarders
The Functioning of the boarding facility is under the overall direction of the Head of Boarding. Every boarding student is allocated to a study-bedroom in a single-sex house supervised by House Parents; they are supported by the Matron and tutors. Study-bedrooms are shared between three students and may be personalised with suitable pictures, posters and photographs. Each house has a recreational space with television, stereo sound system, and DVD/VCD equipment and computers. A separate study lounge is also available. The school provides all bed linen and blankets.
Before Your Arrival
Do not bring more than a single suitcase but decide carefully what you will put in it! Vadodara enjoys a warm dry climate most of the year though there is usually a pleasant breeze on campus.

It can be mildly cold in December and January. The monsoon season from June to September is unpredictable with rains ranging from light to torrential. Most of the year we tend to wear lightweight cotton or natural fibre clothing but students will be glad of a sweater or sweat shirt from time to time during the winter months. Most students when in casual clothing, wear jeans, shorts, tracksuits, pants, t-shirts and skirts. It is advisable to bring smart clothes for special functions such as formal dinners, plays, dances or trips. Footwear can include training shoes, sneakers or open sandals.
Electric Power
The school power supply is set at 230v AC. Please ensure that any appliance is set for that voltage. All electrical sockets are three pin. We have our own generating system, which supplies power to the school community during power cuts. Please check with the school first should you have any concern regarding the suitability of electrical equipment required to be used by your child
Pocket Money
Full Boarders are issued with a fixed amount of pocket money. This will be deducted from the student’s Imprest Account and disbursed by the House Parent. Please note that we do not allow students to carry large sums of money. Such monies must be deposited with House Parent for safekeeping.
All laundry of boarders is taken care of under the direction of the House Parent. Soiled laundry is placed by the student into laundry bags and collected. All clothing and articles sent for laundry are to be tagged for identification purpose. We try to ensure that great care is taken during the washing process. The laundry charges are deducted from the imprest account.
Catering and Dining Facility
The Kitchens at NISV are of the highest standards and well equipped. We prepare three full meals a day as well a mid-morning and afternoon snacks. The menus are varied and offer a mix of several cultural styles.

Day Boarders avail of lunch and the morning snack.
Health services
Parents/ Guardians must provide a detailed history of the student's health at the time of admission. It is vital for us to know all details no matter how insignificant.

The School provides first aid facilities only. Emergency medical treatment (including general anesthetic) at a recognized hospital will be provided if a parent cannot be contacted in time as per the consent given in the medical form at the time of admission. Every effort would be made to contact a parent in such circumstances. A routine medical examinations by the School Doctor will be conducted.

Parents must inform the Principal / Section Co-ordinator in writing if the student has any known medical condition/disability or health problem or is unable to take part in physical education or sporting activities or has been in contact with infectious diseases. The student must not be sent to School if unfit to attend or is suffering from a serious contagious disease. The School will endeavour to look after the Student in the event of any emergency health problem, during school hours however the School will not be responsible for any consequences.

The school has an infirmary attached to the Boarding Houses and there are qualified staff on duty at all times. Treatment for minor illnesses and first aid is given immediately at the infirmary. The Doctor is called at other times when required.
The school has an arrangement with Private Hospitals, & in cases of emergency, the patient can reach the hospital in a short while.

Regular medical checkups are undertaken for the students, and their records include height/weight information and the results of periodic eye, ear and dental checkups are maintained. Parents are expected to fill in a comprehensive medical form before admission and to submit a further completed form at the beginning of each academic year. These form the base of each students medical record, therefore it is important that it is done.
First aid kits are provided on all school transport and for groups going out on trips.

We require detailed instructions from parents on how to deal with any special medical problems e.g. diabetes, asthma or allergies. We request that students receiving transient or long term medical treatment discuss this with the school doctor or House Parent prior to starting school and that the appropriate information be documented on the medical form.

Students returning to school after absence, including vacation, must provide details of any illness or accident. In the event of a medical emergency we shall do all in our utmost to contact parents/ guardians immediately.
Supervised Prep is mandatory for all boarding students, who are required to work quietly. Resident teaching staff are available for support.
Students wishing to use their laptop both at school and in their boarding house are to follow the guidelines below:
Laptops are to be used for academic purpose only.
A student is not permitted to lend/borrow his/her laptop to/from another student.
The playing of computer games, music and movies / film / .dat / .mov / .swf files is prohibited at all times.
The storage of .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .gif files on a laptop is prohibited except for academic purpose.
Exeat Cards
Every boarder will be issued an Exeat Card with a photograph of his/her parents and appointed guardians. The Exeat Card will remain with parents/guardians. Students leaving the campus will only be allowed to go with parents or appointed guardians showing the Exeat Card.

Parents/Guardians are requested to take good care of these cards as they are an important part of the school security system. Loss of a card must be reported immediately to the House Parent. A new card will be issued on a chargeable basis.
Parents are advised not to leave the Exeat Cards with the students. It may lead to a security concern. If found in possession of the student the same shall be confiscated and another card will have to be issued on chargeable basis. In the interim the student will not be granted an Exeat.
Exeat Policy
No boarding student may leave the campus without the proper Campus Exit Slip duly completed and signed.
A visa is required for every person not holding Indian passport. A student visa may be obtained through the Indian Embassy in the country in which the student is currently residing. Once a student has been accepted for admission, the school will issue a letter of confirmation with the effective date of entry into the institution. This document may be used as part of the visa application. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to maintain a current visa. Please ensure that the student's passport is valid at all times.
Residence Permits
All persons who do not hold an Indian passport intending to stay in Vadodara and the state of Gujarat for more than 6 months require a residency permit. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to obtain this permit. However, the school will assist in making all of the necessary arrangements (for boarders only) for the documentation and application of this process. Please note that a small fee will be incurred in order to cover administrative costs.
The school arranges to transport all out-station boarding students to and from the airport/railway stations according to the vacation schedule listed in the school calendar.

The school also arranges to pick up and
drop off students at Vadodara Airport (national) or Ahmedabad Airport (international) at the time of session breaks.

Requirements for this service should be communicated to the school well in advance so that efficient arrangements can be made for vehicles and escorts to be sent. The name of the person receiving an unaccompanied minor at his/her destination needs to be given to the school at the time of requesting the service. There will be designated times and days for picking up and dropping off. These will be communicated to parents well in advance. Parents are requested to book tickets taking the designated pick up and drop off times into consideration. There is a charge made for this service. And if your arrangements require us to send a vehicle other than the one sent at the school's scheduled times, this charge will be increased in line with the extra expense incurred by the school.

Parents who do not wish to avail of this service can make their own travel arrangements.

The school will not take any responsibility for students sent unaccompanied by rail/bus/taxi. It is unsafe and the school requests parents not to do this. All students traveling by train must be picked up from school and dropped off at school by their escort.

Early leave is strictly prohibited, this is especially so prior to a mid term break and the end of a school term.

Boarders who have made their own transport arrangements and who will be collected in person by their parent/guardian can leave after last bell of school.

All boarders are expected to report to the campus the day prior to the beginning of term or after a mid term break. All students are expected to be present for the beginning of term and all school days.

All boarders are expected to report to their boarding house after a mid and long break the day before the commencement of school. A student should arrive no earlier than 12:00 and no later than 20:00
Extraordinary requests for leave
Please do not make requests for school leave during term time unless it is for an emergency and also to include : serious ill health or the death of a close family member.

To attend a public exam i.e. SAT, TOEFL, interview/exam for university / college entry. In such events documentation be provided from the examining board/university.

Leave for the attendance of a marriage in the family is restricted to that of a direct sister or brother, and a direct aunt or uncle. In such cases the student will be permitted 3 days leave only which is to include travel. Leave to attend the marriage of a cousin is not permitted and leave will not be granted.

Should extraordinary leave be granted by the Principal for the above, the parent/guardian is responsible for all conveyance arrangements, to include collecting and chaperoning their charges.
Local Guardian
A Local Guardian, living in or near Vadodara, may be authorised by the parents to take decisions about their children residing in the boarding. If these Local Guardians are temporarily out of station, the Principal must be informed in writing of the name, address & telephone numbers for 24 hours contact of a suitable legal guardian or other adult who can accept full responsibility for the boarding student.