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Student Led Conferences (SLC) are held to empower and enable the key stakeholders in the school viz- the students themselves along with their parents and teachers. The aim of such an exercise is to help every student to set realistic goals in academics, personal and social (attitudes ,appearance, emotions etc.) areas. This will not only build the child's confidence, but also initiate him/her to be a thinker with a sense of responsibility and pride in his work.

Four SLCs have been scheduled and the documents of goal setting will be kept in the dossier of the child for future reference by the Grade Tutor. It would be conducted by the child.
Teacher Parent Conference (TPC) is held to meet and discuss a child's achievements as well as concerns. Parents would be requested to send their concerns in writing in advance on the query sheet. This would enable teachers to address their queries and utilize `time effectively.
Career Conferences “Designing Tomorrow” would be held for the students of Grades 9-12. These conferences are aimed at giving the students an exposure of varied possibilities that exist in the world of tertiary education & the future. Eminent, experienced and knowledgeable resource persons are invited to share their experiences and valuable information to encourage students.
Parent Conferences are scheduled to   orient   parents   about   new paradigms in education, techniques of   parenting  or  updates  on  the systems of education at NISV.
Teacher   Student   Conferences (TSC) are usually informal and designed to give children feedback so they can reflect on their work and further   refine  and  develop  their skills. This encourages student learning.