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Students from Grade 8 upwards have regular counseling sessions leading to subject option choices at the IGCSE and IB Diploma levels. This is available from our team of Counselors from the Middle and Senior school as well as subject tutors. Students and their parents are invited to personal guidance sessions to help channelize their interests. Representatives of various professions, institutions and from many Colleges and agencies visit the school to interact with students. The school actively assists students in making college choices and making their applications.

Schools provide a common ground for children from different walks of life to meet, interact, strengthen existing skills and learn new ones. Within the security of a known world the child prepares to take on the challenges of tomorrow. The ability to adapt, adjust, accept, make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, are among the many skills that children learn at school. Always willing to work with children Counselors at our school build relationships with their students that assist our children to understand their own responsibility in charting their own personal growth.

We often provide the vital link in many a relationship; be it student parent or student tutor or often parent tutor. As a team we work with tutors and parents to provide the experiences that children need to experience success. Academic counseling, personal counseling and career counseling to name a few are some of the specialized areas that counseling services are provided in at NISV.
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