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NISV has one of the finest school complexes in Vadodara city. A beautifully structured, well equipped and centrally air-conditioned building stands amidst sprawling lush green surroundings. The overall growth and development of it's students is the guiding principle, and to this end the infrastructure and facilities necessary for a modern academic institution are provided for.
Study Centers:
  The centers have the necessary equipment and resources for day-to-day educational pursuits, withc omfortable seating arrangement for students. These are well equipped with ICT facilities.
Science Laboratories:
  The laboratories are equipped to ensure high standards of safety, and support the core programs of learning science from an early age. Experimentation skills are taught and encouraged under the supervision of trained tutors.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center :
  The Use of ICT is in evidence throughout the NISV campus with sophisticated networked nodes,
SMART rooms, computer system installations and fast Internet connections. The installed Internet connections, e-beams, digital projection and audio visual systems, and a host of ICT hardware enhance the quality and depth of learning for the student as also for the teaching community at NISV. The school has successfully integrated a computerized process of administration, be it for preparation of report cards, fee slips, communicating with parents, managing the school finances etc. The school’s website contributes immensely in the dispersion of information and interactive communication capabilities.
Media & Resource Center :
  A unique open air theater, within a huge quadrangle has the capacity to accommodate about a 1000 people for any function or event.

“Expressions”, another stage in front of the Performing Arts Center is a beautiful venue for public functions.
Multi Purpose Hall / AV Rooms:
  Seminars, competitions and meetings are conducted regularly in the hall for the staff, the parents as well as the students. These have the latest technological equipment to aid performance and presentations.
Kitchen & Dining Hall:
  A clean and fully staffed kitchen prepares food which is wholesome and nourishing. Tutors and students from Nursery to XII enjoy a varied menu everyday, in the very large, well ventilated & hygienic dining hall.
Sports Centre:
  The school has Volley ball, Basket ball and Tennis courts, an Olympic size Swimming Pool, as well as fields for Football, Cricket and 400 mt Athletics track. The practice nets for cricket encourage students to achieve excellence. The Indoor sports area is equipped with Table Tennis tables and a practice ROBOTIC TABLE, for the students to play and practice on. Carom and Chess are the other indoor games which the students enjoy playing.
Performing Arts Center
  The school has a state of the art center catering to both Western and Indian forms of music, dance and drama. This center, in more than one ways, is the nerve center of the school, since it facilitates the inter disciplinary approach of the teaching learning process, adopted by the school.
Visual Art Center:
  The school has a state-of-the-art Visual Arts Center for imparting training in various disciplines, enabling students to gain interest and basic skills, which they may choose to pursue later.
  In case of any illness or accident, first aid is provided immediately to the child at this center. Two qualified nurses have been appointed to look after the students. Medical Specialists are called and consulted on a regular basis.
Counseling Center:
  A school is an institution which strives to nurture a child into becoming a complete human being. A school-going child passes through different phases of development, both physical and mental. Recognizing the need to steer our children through their adolescence, the school contributes significantly to their emotional, intellectual and physical growth through its team of counsellors, which is an important support system that helps the child to pass through the learning process with comparative ease.

The team as a whole deals with problems such as emotional and social maladjustment, arising out of various constraints, cultural disparity and the conduct of adults in his/her environment. Our counselors offer student guidance in the areas of physical and social growth by helping them to better understand themselves and the society in which they live; aid students in planning their academic and social goals; and assist students in dealing with personal adjustment problems. These objectives are accomplished through group or individual counseling and by collaborating with parents, tutors and the school administration.

We welcome parents to take help from our resource team, whenever needed and help us to help the child become a welladjusted and balanced individual.

All discussions with the resource personnel are strictly confidential and privacy is assured.

Career Counseling

Students are helped in planning their academic pursuits and careers. A number of workshops and interactions with professionals and experts from different fields are organised for the students to help them chart their future goals. They are also helped to identify the universities, where they would wish to pursue tertiary education as well as in the admission procedure.
Student Hostels
  NISV has two student hostel complexes - one each, for the boys and girls. The three - storey student residences have been designed for safety, comfort and aesthetic living. Air-conditioned bedrooms accommodate three students, each having their own bed, wardrobe and study table. A study lounge with an ICT network node, on each floor is a unique feature that enhances a private study environment. Pastoral care is provided by the House Parent, and Resident Staff.
Staff Residences
  Some staff members live on campus in beautifully designed spacious flats.
Management Zone
  Parents and visitors are welcome in this area. It houses the school Reception Area, Finance, Human Resource, Public Relations, Admissions, the Principal’s Office and the Trustee’s Office.
Pre Primary Wing
  The very colourful, state-of-the-art pre-primary wing is equipped with a Kids Library, Art Corner, Role Play Room, Mini Theater, and lots of open area loaded with interactive toys & materials to explore, learn from and grow with.