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Through a well chalked out programme, NSA caters to every sporting need of the child like high class state of the art infrastructure & facilities, excellent National & International level coaching providing ample opportunities to participate in the National and International events and competitions.

Sports Facilities at our NSA Centres: (Navrachana School & Vidyani Vidyalaya, Sama & Navrachana International School, Bhayali)
Athletics Tennis
Basketball Volleyball
Cricket Skating
Football Swimming (Olympic  Size 50mt. only at NISV)
Table Tennis    
Students are encouraged to choose from the following games / sports. Athletics, Basketb all, Cricket, Football, Skating,  Swimming, Table Tennis   and   Tennis.   Training   is imparted to all students of the school under   the   guidance   of   qualified coaches and trainers.
It  is  recommended  that  students play ONE game / sport throughout the year, which in turn will help them to excel in their chosen game.
Students   should   excel   in   one individual & one team game by the end of their schooling at NISV.
Swimming is an essential & compulsory activity for all students. They should learn the four strokes by the end of the school years.
Yoga and meditation is compulsory in the primary years.
During  the  compulsory  Games  / Sports  Activities,   it   is   expected that  all  students  wear  the  school sports attire and bring their personal table tennis racquet & ball, tennis racquet,  skates  &  helmet,  football shoes, swimming costume etc.
Incase the student is sick / under medical observation, he / she must furnish a medical certificate to the concerned tutor / instruct or concerned.
If some injury / accident  happens during the Game / Sport Activity, the parents shall bear the cost of the treatment. (Filling of the Indemnity Form by Parents is a must at the time of child's admission).
NISV sports team participate in most of   the  district,  state,  national  & international events for exposure & attaining excellence.
Expenses (Travel / Food / Stay / Entry Fee) of students representing NISV for any out station competition shall be borne by the student. The cost of the school team attire shall be borne by the student.